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Low-cost house becoming necessity in age of increasing construction and label costs. Engineer Marketplace™ pre-designed buildings keep your home construction budget low making possible quickly assemble all structure.

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Storage Racking Design

ANSYS Steel Frame + Dlubal RFEM

Our team works with software and hardware
value exceeding 100K€! per workstation.

Steel Design for the structural analysis of buildings, steel halls, bridges, silos, cranes, crane runways, masts, winter gardens, and so on.

Is your project too expensive to build?
Ansys + Dlubal

Industrial Building Design

Special Projects with Complex Geometries.

We do heavy industrial buildings, warehouses, telecom and data centers, cold storage buildings, light manufacturing units, research and development centers, flex/special purpose buildings.

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Industrial Steel Connection Design

Structural Engineering Services

Engineer Marketplace™ provided by Sn.Str.MEng Andy Gimpiel (PE)
for European (EU) and British (UK) customers.

The Engineer Marketplace™ is structural engineering service provided by Sn.Str.MEng Andy Gimpiel (PE) for European (EU) and British (UK) customers. Engineer Marketplace is based in Portugal and Poland with capacity to provide structural engineering services across all European Union countries and United Kingdom. Experienced in design and construction engineering services in steel and concrete materials primary and if necessary timber, glass and aluminum.

With focus on the whole building mechanics Engineer Marketplace can cope any task from initial structural drafting to BIM and site services.

The Engineer Marketplace works with architects, construction teams, developers and owners to engineer structures that deliver across multiple objectives.

We excel at designing and executing projects that support the client's vision, cost control with estimation and balance functionality, creativity, constructability, as to schedule efficiency all phases. Engineering projects that get built for over 15 years is a task we love and passion.

Structural Design

Structural Design

Industrial, residential and retail structures under your fingertip.

BIM Modeling

BIM Modeling

Complete cost control and production drawings for all types of structures.

Structural Reporting

Structural Reporting

EC3/BS Steel-work Verification for structural members and connections.

Few Examples of Structural Engineering Services (2008-2022)

Experience in providing structural engineering services extends through all projects phases from conceptual planning through construction and administration. Well applied standards - requirements for all EU Zones / annexes and United Kingdom regulations, within EU laws / norms / practise entities Engineer Marketplace™ to be an expert in civil-structural field.

Leading engineer Andy Gimpiel got over 20 years of experience in most advance structural design calculation and execution worldwide. While we typically serve in a sub-consultant role under Architects on large projects, we can also serve as a prime consultant on structurally relevant tasks, or even provide structural plan checking services where needed.

We are sensitive to the time-line required on today's construction projects and have the means to meet demanding schedules..


Client BITO-Lagertechnik | Bittmann AG
Date July 2017
Job Mezzanine Floor, Conveyors, Seismic Calculations
Location CH-6343 Rotkreuz

Delivery and installation of a larger stage system as part of an overall project with a large container shuttle system. The mezzanine floors fulfill stiffening function in the racking system. The platforms build-as a rigid solution. Stiffening braces (vertical + horizontal) compatible with the overall solution of the conveyor technology.

Residential, botanic garden with coral reef


Date March 2022 - Present
Job Residential, botanic garden with coral reef.
Location Zakopane, Poland

Home with 2 internal coral reef pools in total of 30k liters. This 1.4M€ modern house in the Polish Mountains south of Zakopane, spans with 800 square meters five bedrooms, cinema, basement and internal botanic / Japanese garden.


Client BEUMER Group GmbH
Date 2017 - 2019
Job Mezzanine, Conveyors, Frequency Design
Location Manchester, UK

Thousands of square meters in mezzanine floor with single / double stack conveyors, structural back-up systems, airport structural collapse calculations, frequency design, heavy decking, and much more...

Shuttle Storage Racking, Platforms, Elevators

Client Tesco PLC Group
Date July 2013
Job Shuttle Storage Racking, Platforms, Elevators
Location Bilbão, Spain

Shuttle Rack system combination of four levels storage to transport +15K pallets of cargo. The racking system designed to provide the moving paths for the shuttles throughout to all locations in the warehouse.

Light-Gauge Housing, Fire Resistance

Client Collida & Willmott Dixon
Date November 2021
Job Light-Gauge Housing, Fire Resistance
Location Halesowen, United Kingdom

Structural calculation of cold formed steel modular buildings for massive development site and innovatory carbon free solution. Additionally series of checks been done for fire resistance including 60/90min. fire hazard laboratory test.

Lidl UK

Client Lidl UK
Date October 2021
Job Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors, Concrete
Location Luton, United Kingdom

Check-in Engineering for multi-tier concrete mezzanine floors in heavy (4.8kN/m2 - 7.5kN/m2 and 9.9kN/m2) multi-porpoise building with supporting installation build in Luton (UK). Floor slab details, fire ratings to follow latest regulations.

Automated Storage Racking System

Client DLS Lisbon / Luís Simões
Date April 2011
Job Automated Storage Racking System
Location Lisbon, Portugal

Five pallet deep automated storage racking system with pick-up and processing zones was build for EFACEC ( robotics system. Clap and warehouse design for +17K pallets.

Concert Hall Design

Client Oak View Group / Live-OP
Date May 2020 - Present
Job Concert Hall Design
Location Manchester, United Kingdom

Co-op Live structural calculation for indoor arena currently under construction in Manchester, England. Structure is designed to withstand heavy loads due to safety regulations and requirements for crowed buildings. Calculations for vibrations in structures with structural resonance were conducted along with fire resistance and partial collapse on the structures. Planned to open on 2023.

Mezzanine Floors, Conveyors, Re-Constructions

Client Langen, Hesse, Germany
Date Jan 2019
Job Mezzanine Floors, Conveyors, Re-Constructions
Location Langen, Germany

Steelwork for mezzanine floors, decking calculations, conveyors with picking zones, vibrations in structures, combined sections, hangers, special connections and many others been done for TGW Logistic Center in Langen (Germany)

  • Mezzanine Floors, Conveyors, Re-Constructions


    Mezzanine System / Seismic Zone

  • Luxury Villa with Coral Reef

    Luxury Villa with Coral Reef

    3 Swimming Pools and 2 Japanese Gardens

  • Mezzanine / Conveyors / Frequency Design

    Manchester Airport

    Mezzanine / Conveyors / Frequency Design

  • Tesco PLC Group

    Tesco PLC Group

    Shuttle Storage Racking

  • Cold Formed Steel Buildings

    Cold Formed Steel Buildings

    Structural Analyze and Fire Resistance Tests

  • Structural Analyze and Fire Resistance Tests

    Lidl UK (LUTON)

    Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors, Concrete

  • Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors, Concrete

    DLS Lisbon / Luís Simões

    Automated Storage Racking System

  • DLS Lisbon

    Str. Analyze of Concert Hall

    Sports and Entertainment Development

  • Project TGW-Coty in Frankfurt

    TGW-Coty, Frankfurt

    Mezzanine Floors, Conveyors, Steelwork

Engineer Marketplace's Brains

Experience, hard work and very successful careers offer extraordinary results.
We are experts in Mechanical-Structural Industrial Design.

Sn.Str.MEng.A.Gimpiel (PE)

Sn.Str.MEng.A.Gimpiel (PE)

Chief Executive Officer

15 years of experience as head structural engineer in largest construction / industrial companies across the Europe and UK



Senior Structural Engineer

20 years of experience in Storage Racking, Mezzanine Floors, Warehouse Design, Logistic Center Design on 5 continents.

Sn.Str.CEng U.Chimobi (MICE)

Sn.Str.CEng U.Chimobi (MICE)

Senior Structural Engineer

Over 20 years of experience in Structural Engineering and Software Development.

About Us

Engineer Marketplace™ offers structural engineering, consulting of use design for residential, commercial and industrial structures. We also offer development of plans and specifications for structural restoration, building renovation, or additions to existing structures and facilities. We provide a full-service drafting department which renders accurate structural plans and details and provides design and support services including: structural plans, floor plans, elevations, renderings with 3D modeling, presentation renderings, assembly drawings, approval plan sheets, schematic design with space planning study, and design development. Our engineers have years of experience in designing with components and materials including:

Structural Steel, Light Gauge Metal, Heavy Timber / Wood Framing, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Precast Concrete, Post-Tensioned Concrete, Masonry Systems.

Structural-Civil Engineering

  • Structural Steel Design

  • EC3 / None-EC3 Structural Connections

  • Concrete / RC Structures

  • BIM and Drafting

We're Hiring

We are looking for talented Structural Engineers. Engineer Marketplace™ team is like no other and pays like no other. While helping our client to solve structural puzzles you'll be making upto 250k€/y!

"Engineering is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity"
Andy Gimpiel

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Structural Engineering Second to NO-ONE


"I was extremely impressed and pleased with the service provided by Engineer Marketplace. I was able to build and control all construction for much less than expected. Now more prepared to start another installation soon, and with Andy as my engineer."

Mário Alves Mário Alves Taikai (CEO)

"Andy is the best engineer I ever work with."

Scott Chambers Scott Chambers MiTek/Mezzanine Int. (CEO)

"Flexible partner to work with us on structural engineering projects. Andy and his team have shown a profound understanding of the very specific needs for analysis."

Winfried Schmuck Winfried Schmuck BITO Lagertechnik (CEO)

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away" (Andy Gimpiel)

Price for Structural Engineering Services

We are nothing but flexible and second to no-one. Please have a look on the prices below and give us a call.

per structure

  • 0.75% - 2.6%*
  • Complete Service
  • Production Drawings
  • Full Documentation
more information

Hourly Rate

  • 75€
  • EU Chartered Engineer
  • +10 years Experience
  • Structural Reporting
more information

Check-in ENG.

  • 1.7-4.5K€**
  • Structural Re-Calculation
  • Project Optimization
  • Norm Validation
more information

* Minimum Fee 1.6K€; ** Applicable In Most Of The Cases

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